We are helping build Saskatchewan’s schools and preparing our students in a different way. Our school communities are strengthened through our I.T. Security Solutions. Our approach is simple, we work with each school district individually much like personalized learning in the classrooms. Internet Security is in the forefront of the minds of all school officials. Daily, data breaches, website defacement, viruses, malware, as well as DDoS attacks are crippling educational entities across the K-12 learning environment. Strengthen your IT security to protect against threats and safeguard student, teacher, and staff data with CCS solutions.

We bring solutions to protect networks, data, students and privacy with our specialized cyber threat assessments. Our thorough incident response logging and monitoring services can quickly identify where to strengthen your network. We specialize in cyber threat assessments for K-12 schools and libraries.

Endpoint Security

Securely manage and protect your digital learning environment with our enterprise cloud services, mobile device management, and IoT integration.

Network Security

Monitor your networks with a single pane of glass view from the classroom to your data center. Secure your classrooms and network from threats such as viruses, spyware and intrusions.

Data Protection

Protect your district information with an ideal Network Access Control solution helps schools secure sensitive data while maximizing limited budgets.

Threat intelligence, analytics and protection

We can provide real-time analysis of security alerts generated by applications and network hardware. We provides rapid detection and remediation of security events while aiding security, performance, and compliance management.

District-wide Safety

We integrate school safety by integrating both physical and cyber security for optimal protection. These security components need to communicate with each other and share continuous threat intelligence and also be easy to manage.