Unique learning models and student campus experiences through digital resources are changing the way students learn. Students are not hesitant to take advantage of technology on demand to meet their own learning needs.

This shift has forced higher education to advance the technology initiatives and this has put increased pressure on information security. Our strategic partnerships highlight our ability to assist campuses to strengthen defenses and better protect networks, data and privacy.

Learning Space Design

We use our customized learning space guidelines and
will conduct a Learning Technologies meeting to review learning technology options, trade-offs and the related implications on pedagogy, room design and budget.

Education Data Management, Storage, and Protection

Streamline your data management methods through customized enterprise content and records management, risk and compliance management, and data protection strategies.

Secured private and public cloud services

Move workloads and data across clouds for more agility, economy, performance and security. These include private clouds and public clouds, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Virtualized application services

Streamline data center operations and reduce valuable real estate requirements by running critical applications in VMware production environments. We also provide virtualization labs designed to help conduct research.

IoT data and advanced analytics

Implement the right tools to successfully manage and secure complex IoT networks and BYOD trends. We have solutions that enable higher education to see everything connected to the network.

Campus safety and security

Boost campus safety by deploying end-to-end video surveillance built on a proven architecture and supported with compute, storage, virtualization and cloud services.

Endpoint security

Securing client endpoints — user workstations, laptops, tablets or other devices — from malware and phishing attacks is critical to higher-education cybersecurity

Threat intelligence, intrusion protection and analytics

We can provide real-time analysis of security alerts generated by applications and network hardware. We provides rapid detection and remediation of security events while aiding security, performance, and compliance management.

High-Performance Computing Systems

Move research to an on-demand, “as-a-service” model via integrated compute clusters and network fabrics. Powerful research capabilities and tools that remain cost-effective and scalable.

Research Analytics

Integrate high-performance computing (HPC) and research storage systems with big data, using its native Hadoop unstructured analytics platform.