Our Disaster Recovery and Backup service provides expertise and knowledge to develop and test a DR plan that works best for you. Your DR plan will be thoroughly reviewed and evaluated to ensure that all your needs are met. The implementation will be evaluated and refined so that you have full confidence that your business is protected from unplanned disruption.

Our IT team is also very attentive to legal and regulatory pressures for data discovery and accessibility. We can help you ensure your data archives are searchable and retrievable anytime. Since CCS primarily serves Canadian based organizations, we follow Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), the federal privacy law for private-sector organizations and to keep things simple, we keep your data on Canadian servers.

Our Disaster Recovery Support experts can:

  • Help you explore different disaster scenarios and the implications each can have on your business and your customers
  • Run through real-world testing, define a set of priority data and media
  • Establish a remote vault for that priority data – with the ultimate goal of helping you be prepared
  • Fully encrypted disk-based backup & archiving solutions
  • Server replication & restoration
  • Multi-site failover & high-availability storage
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
  • DR & BC plan audits and consulting