The key distinction between cloud-based services, on-premise, and hosted is the physical location of your information. Cloud-based services offer many advantages over on-premise computing, such as decreased infrastructure costs and rapid deployment. If sensitive information is involved, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) legislation requirements should be considered when selecting an approach.

Cloud-based services allows you the freedom of worrying about maintain the physical hardware. It’s expensive and very costly to scale up or in some cases scale down. Through our technology solutions, we aim to help you either make money or save money. Cloud is a service oriented model rather than just a bunch of server in a traditional data center.

When choosing between cloud-based services, on-premise, and hosted solutions, we need to consider how many people will use the service, the frequency of use and the nature of the information stored in the system.

Our solutions address the complex infrastructure, security, and recovery needs of your organization. We bring expertise that is hard to build in house.

Here are the 5 top services that we deploy:

  • Email Services with Exchange Online
  • Online Storage with Microsoft OneDrive and Sharepoint
  • Collaboration and Teamwork with Microsoft Teams
  • Office Online with Office 365
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup with failover to Azure Infrastructure