About CCS

We work with Saskatchewan’s school districts and fully understand the technical needs of each school. We work as a community to bring the solutions needed to provide our students with the tools to be better prepared for wherever their lives may lead.

Lifelong learning was instilled in my heart at a very young age. As a reluctant learner I constanly needed the help of our school communities to guide me and inspire me to learn. My introduction to computers finally bridged that gap. I built my first PC before I could drive! I would fix the neighborhood kids’ family computers just for the chance to figure out what was wrong.

Before making my way into K-12 I spent a few years working in IT Security for Hewlett-Packard, Applying the technical expertise learned from my time at HP, I began to improve the education landscape for the staff and students I served.

After a couple short years working in higher education I truly found why working in K-12 is so important. To inspire lifelong learning through technology. The goal is as it was when starting out in K-12 and make technology accessible for the communities we serves. We look forward to serving Saskatchewan’s school districts and with the optimal use of technology for teaching and learning, we will help Saskatchewan become the leader in education in Canada.